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At Al Bathaieh Carpentry, feel free to contact us for the sale and purchase of wooden pallets and raw wood materials throughout the UAE. We also offer wooden pallet heating and treating services.

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At Al Bathaieh Carpentry we pride ourselves on providing high quality wooden pallets and timbers to the highest standards. Since our launch in 2008, we have grown to become the leading Manufacturer & Seller in the UAE, serving customers across the region with reliable products and exceptional customer service Whether you’re in need of new or used wooden pallets. Experience the reliability, durability,and versatility of our wood products today. Join our ever-growing list of satisfied customers. Discover why Al Bathaieh Carpentry is a trusted name for all your woodworking needs.

Wooden Pallets Types

Four Way Non Reversible
Four Way Perimeter
Four way perimeter pallet
Four Way Winged
Four Way Plywood
Four Way Nonreversible Closed Boarder
Two Way Reversible
Two Way Non Reversible
Two Way Plywood
Two Way Reversible Closed Boarder
two way reversible closed boarder pallets
Two Way Non Reversible-Closed Boarder

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You can learn more about the materials of the wood, as well as buy and sell it whenever you like. We create pallets with the goal of securing loads.

Connect with our friendly team today and experience the reliability and versatility of our wood solutions.

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Why Choose Us

There are Several Reason why clients choose to do business with us but below are only Six.

Reliable Manufacturers

Since 2008, our company has been involved in the timber product industry. Over the years, the company has built a solid reputation as a trusted and inventive manufacturer capable of delivering bulk orders based on client's needs in a timely way

Wide Range of Products

We offer a variety of items, such as wooden pallets in standard and bespoke sizes, wooden crates and boxes, wooden cable drums, hardwood floors, wooden decks, ceiling and wall panelings, and custom wood inlay patterns.

Large Manufacturers

We meet large requirements by ensuring strict quality control and timely manufacturing processes. Our in-house facility ensures efficiency at every step, from material acquisition to delivery of finished goods.

Affordable Package

Al Bathaieh Carpentry offers wooden products at very competitive prices, which are higher than other products in the market. Customers get good value for their money and benefit from high quality and affordable prices.

International Quality

All of our wood products meet the highest quality requirements established by the International Wood Flooring Association. To achieve the best finished products, strict standards of quality begin with the selection of raw materials and continue through final production.

Easy Inquiry Approach

All our customers are given a tour of our factory to get a first-hand view of our production and processing methods. They can also check the quality of our finished products and then get peace of mind with a consultation before they decide to do business with us.

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